Clouds on Chains (☁️/⛓) is a limited edition series of 420 programmatically generated NFTs by Case Simmons. Each artwork is a unique one-of-a-kind digital painting, constructed of a controlled mix of cloud & chain imagery, shifting coloration, and various backgrounds.


  • 420 unique PNGs
  • 0.222 ETH each
  • 5,395 × 6,969 pixels
  • 20 Artist Proofs
  • Sold out!

    But you can still pick up a piece on the secondary market at



    Case Simmons (b.1983) was born in Clinton, IA and studied at the San Francisco Art Institute. As one half of the artist collaboration Simmons & Burke, his work has been exhibited internationally and is held in public collections including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York; the Jumex Collection, Mexico City; the Me Collectors Room, Berlin and most recently the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. This is his third NFT series.

    The Clouds on Chains smart contract and website were designed & developed by Anthony Kolber, Matt Lenz, and Tommy Tkatchenko. The project was also supported with mentorship from Nic Hamilton and Sam Hains. Finally, an essay by Kirsten Bevin.

    The font used on the Clouds on Chains site is Code2001 by the infamous James Kass.

    Decentralized storage supported by Estuary.


    Each piece is hosted on IPFS and pinned by multiple Filecoin miners to ensure persistent, interoperable, verifiable, and provable decentralized storage.

    During the minting process, all metadata is returned by our own server. Once the minting process is complete, the metadata will be moved to IPFS/Filecoin and the contract will be updated.

    The contract also includes a SHA-256 provenance hash of the entirety of the project metadata and image references. This can be used to cross-check the final set of data to ensure a fair and tamper-resistant release.

    Provenance hash: